Activities of GUIDEX

      GUIDEX’s activities will be based on the following:


  • Research and studies on nature tourism in Extremadura.
  • Assessment when requested of entities planning development of nature tourism projects in Extremadura.
  • Research, fieldwork, inventories and other studies of biodiversity in Extremadura.
  • Participation in national and international events related to nature tourism.
  • Disseminate information related to guiding activities to those requesting it.
  • Ensure good information sharing across the membership.
  • Provision of technical assistance in the development of infrastructure for bird observation with municipalities, districts and other entities as contracted, as well as other infrastructure for observing nature for education and/or tourism provided there is no negative impact for wildlife.
  • Periodic meetings for debate and analysis of areas of interest of the members.
  • Denounce or oppose projects or initiatives that could prejudice the sustainable development and respectful use by tourism of natural resources in Extremadura.
  • Undertake activities that promote and enhance the professional interest of the members.





Asociación Extremeña de Guías Profesionales de Ornitología y Naturaleza


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